Technidrill 500-5-12-1 PLC - Perforadoras de agujeros profundos

Modelo: 500-5-12-1 PLC
Año: 2008
Número de Inventario: 12710 Sold
Características Destacadas:
- PLC = Programmable Logic Control
- 0.500" Maximum Diameter Drilling Capacity
- 0.0150" Minimum Diameter Drilling Capacity
- 12" Maximum Drilling Stroke

2008 TECHNIDRILL 500-5-12-1 PLC
Max Dia. Hole Drilled
Max Drilling Depth
# Spindles

Equipado con:


A. TechniDrill 50 Series Single Spindle Horizontal Gun Drilling Machine Model  .500-5-12-1 

Machine Features
•    .500” Diameter maximum drilling capacity 
•    Smallest diameter as built could drill down to 0.150" w/one whip guide installed
•    12” effective drill stroke with one optional whip guide installed. 
•    Fabricated steel base with 15” W X 20”L T-slotted work table with two centerline keyways and large coolant trough surrounding the base.
•    Precision crossed roller linear guideways.
•    Servo driven ballscrew providing feed rates from .100” to 24” per minute W/ 200 IPM retract.
•    3 HP spindle motor infinitely variable from 500 to 2,000 RPM.
•    Precision spindle mounted in Class 7 bearings with standard gundrill socket. .750” X 2.750 deep with lock-screws for tool holding. 
•    Rotary coolant unions mounted to the rear of each spindle. 
•    Chipbox with bushing plate, coolant, and chip chute directing coolant and chips to the coolant system recovery area.
•    Permanently grease lubricated spindles.

Coolant Filtration System Model 5-200-10

•    200 gallon coolant reservoir with two separate reservoirs, one for contaminated return coolant and one for clean filtered coolant. 
•    One 5-micron & one 10-micron filter with pressure switch to indicate when to change filters. 
•    One 5 HP, 10 GPM, (8 GPM @ 1000 PSI) High-pressure coolant pump with pressure switch to indicate loss of pressure.
•    Water heat exchanger (Water supply required) or Air heat exchanger are standard.
•    A chip basket with rough filter is installed in the return area of the coolant system.

Electrical System

•    Consisting of a Nema 12 enclosure housing all motor starters, fuses, and disconnect. 
•    A touch screen operator station. (Cutler Hammer)
•    Digital display of RPM
•    Drilling depths are programmable.
•    RPM and feed rates are programmable.  
•    Maximum travel limit switches to prevent over travel.  
•    Machine control, Allen Bradley SLC-500 series programmable control 
•    Automatic controls provide for detection of loss of coolant pressure, air pressure, clogged filters and includes diagnostic screens. 
•    Tool load monitoring via spindle load-meter.
•    Allen Bradley AC servo feed drive system.
•    ABB variable speed frequency inverter spindle drive
•    Power requirements    460V 3PH 60HZ

Machine footprint                                                    8’ X 11’
Shipping weight                                                    8,000 Lbs

EQUIPPED WITH:                                                     

C.        Conveyor
        Perforated belt type chip conveyor built into the recovery area of the coolant system. (Chip basket with rough filter bag is standard)                                                                   

D.    Full machine safety enclosure with sliding doors, lexan windows, safety interlocks and interior lighting covers the tooling area and fixture table. (Lightweight lift-off side guards are standard.)